Branding 101

Branding is more than simply slapping your logo on letterhead and business card. Although there are loads of definitions, we believe, a brand is a promise. And guess what? You don’t even own it. It resides in the minds of your clients, prospects, suppliers and other business associates. It’s their expectations of doing business with you. It’s your reputation in their minds. It’s their complete experience with your business.

In as much as you don’t really “own” your brand, you do own your brand assets. Those are the elements you use to express your brand promise and make a connection with your clients. Brand assets can include your company name, logo, tagline, colors, typography, how you dress marketing materials such as brochures and your website. They’re all the sensory touch points that your audience has with your business. In addition to the visuals, companies are now moving toward using scent and sounds as part of their branding arsenal.

Beyond these, branding elements include your customer service, the interior design of your location, architecture, how you answer the phone, staff clothing and so much more. Take the time to look around and see if you are doing everything you can to support your brand.

Your branding efforts should be authentic, differentiating, sustainable and consistent.

It’s important to look at your business’ touch points from the point-of-view of your audience. Are you consistently fulfilling your brand’s promise? Do you make it easy to do business with you? Are your branding elements consistent across the board including your facebook posts and tweets? The reality is, big or small your business is a brand. Jones & Jones Advertising can help you create a seamless, positive experience for your clients and develop the visual assets that clearly express your brand and help you stand out from the crowd.