Point of Purchase

Point of Purchase covers a broad spectrum from hangtags to large end-cap displays. It is important to remember one thing that they all have in common; it needs to be designed to motivate a sale Right Now it’s not to drive people to a website or give them something to take home. Its all about the impulse buy!


  • Neckers
  • Hang Tags
  • Table Tents
  • Posters
  • Displays


These point of purchase table tents we’re designed for nightclubs and bars. We designed them in such a way to temp the reader to pick them up if you can get the reader to touch it creates an even better connection to the product then viewing alone.

restaurant tent card design


These tent cards were also designed for nightclubs and bars. They are fun and flirty just like the product – its all about the party.

tent card design


Designed for the resorts restaurants tables as well as guest room desktops. These point of purchase cards are slipped into wooden card holders that matched the hotel decor. The cards inform the guests of the activities available off property.

tent card design


Used in liquor stores these “neckers” drew attention to the bottles and made a real impact on sales. We changed them out from time to time having special offers or opportunities to win the Dooley’s tipsy glasses and that allows us to grow the email list.

bottle necker


Great model from right here in Indian River County for this 24″ x 36″ poster that hung in both liquor stores, nightclubs and bars across the US and Europe.

woman on poster design


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