Postcard Advertising Design

Direct mail is great for promoting events, products, services and creating brand awareness. EDDM postcards are a cost-effective way to reach a specific geographic area. A postcard direct mail campaign with compelling headlines, impactful images, clear copywriting, and a specific call to action is sure to provide a great ROI.


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We have great success in promoting the seminars for Florida Eye Institute using postcards. We carefully choose EDDM routes based on age, location, and income, this has helped us fill the room with qualified participants.

EDDM medical postcard design

Postcards can also be used as stuffers, handouts and for a bit of under the windshield wiper gorilla marketing. This postcard was directed towards runners, marksman, and triathletes in an effort to introduce a new sport to the area.

biathlon vero beach card design

Direct mail postcards can also be used to target new customers for service-oriented businesses. EDDM allows them to pick an area that they already have customers this reduces travel time and fuel consumption and in-turn increases profitability.

EDDM postcard design

Reminder cards are still an effective way to retain existing clients. Great for appointments, maintenance reminders and when combined with an offer you might even sell a new product to an existing client.

reminder postcard

This postcard was directed towards runners in the tri-county area. Used as both bag stuffers, handouts and as direct mail to an existing mailing list of past runners.

postcard design

This postcard was sent to existing customers and prospects alike letting them know of the new product. When well crafted the text can speak directly to both audiences without the need to produce separate cards.

post card EDDM design


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