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Website Content

Creating content for your business website

Many people believe that content creation is highly involved and difficult. However, it is possible to create a wealth of content without getting overwhelmed by the process. Many content creators start off unsure whether they can do it, but with time they can get better and create all the written content they need. Content Idea

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Website Security

Privacy Law Compliance — What You Need To Know

How well-educated are you on privacy laws? Your answer may run the gamut from “I know just enough to get by” to “Not much, because it’s too boring to pay attention to.” But if you own or manage a website, privacy compliance should be on your list of top five things to get familiar with!

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Tech Talk

Working From Home – 8 Tips For Beginners

Over the last decade or so, there’s been a distinct rise in the push for “from home” work. Whether you call it remote working, virtual working, or a chance to stay in your pajamas all day, working from our own house has increased in desirability in recent days. Which is perfect for the tumultuous times

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WordPress Updates

Plugins And Themes For WordPress — Why Updates Matter

If you have a WordPress site, one of the big questions that will arise is, “Do I really need to install all the updates WP suggests?” WordPress will suggest updates on a regular basis, usually centered around updates for plugins, themes, and for WordPress itself. Is it worth the time and trouble to install these

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Drive Sales And Boost Branding With Online Reviews

How many purchases have you made online in the last month? These days, it’s more common than not. And the internet has spoiled us with ready access to just about everything. Whether you’re scouting out your next television or ordering from a monthly meal delivery service, online purchases are everywhere. And where there is the

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Why You Should Go To WordCamp

Have you heard of WordCamp? If you work with the WordPress platform, you probably have. But even if you’ve heard the term batted around, you may not know what it actually entails. So what is a WordCamp? Who is WordCamp for, and what should you expect when attending?  Most importantly, what are the benefits of

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Tech Talk

Spike Productivity With G Suite For Nonprofit Organizations

Regardless of whether we run a business or a nonprofit, every single one of us is interested in raising productivity levels and efficiency. We want to do what we do better, faster, and smarter. That’s where business apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, Drive, and Hangouts come in. Lightening the load of scheduling and communication

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Website Design

Optimize Your Site Now For Mobile-First Design

Ready for a crazy mobile internet statistic? In the last eight years, daily media consumption on mobile devices has grown by a whopping 504 percent! And the demand for mobile-friendly internet continues to skyrocket. So if your site is not optimized for mobile-first, your customers run the risk of missing out on getting the whole

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Social Media

12 Social Media Marketing Myths: Busted

How long have you been on social media? Longer than you can remember? That’s about how it seems for most of us. Yet, at the same time, it may surprise you to learn that the very first social networking site started way back in 1997. Six Degrees was named for the “six degrees of separation”

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