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Website SEO

Get On Google’s Good Side With Fresh Content

Not everyone knows that Google is all about keeping it fresh. But as a matter of fact, Google’s preference for newly updated content is tied to the most basic level: a search algorithm that rates content on the basis of how new it is. That algorithm basks in the name “Document Scoring Based on Document

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WordPress Managed Hosting Servers

The Basics Of Managed WordPress Hosting

For any business seeking to grow with an advanced online presence, choosing the right host for your website is a vital concern. But as soon as you set foot — or rather, Google search — into the wide world of web hosting, things tend to get overwhelming right out of the gate. Managing a website

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Professional WordPress Design
Website Design

Why You Should Hire An Agency To Create
Your WordPress Site

Creating a website, whether for personal or business use, isn’t always as easy as it might seem. True, there are plenty of site-building companies out there who claim to help you construct your site in just a few steps. But to have a successful WordPress site, there’s more required. It’s important to start from the

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Tech Talk

Public vs. Private vs. Unlisted vs Scheduled on YouTube

When you upload a video to YouTube, you have a choice to change the privacy settings for your video it can be Public vs. Private vs. Unlisted vs. Scheduled on YouTube. Public YouTube Settings Public is the default setting and this means anyone can see your video. If you want your video to come up

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Tech Talk

Data Privacy Day Was A Big Mess For Apple!

The Apple FaceTime bug lets you eavesdrop on the person you’re calling before they even pick up the phone. It was also discovered that dismissing an incoming FaceTime call by pushing the power or volume button on your iPhone lets the caller see live video from the recipient’s front-facing camera. As of Monday night, Apple

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Email Marketing

Perfect Your Email Marketing Frequency With These Tips

On average, we receive around 121 emails every single day. That adds up to more than 44,000 each year. With those kinds of numbers involved, it’s not hard to calculate generally the amount of dedicated attention each email gets: not much. There’s even a term for it: “email fatigue.” Like other aspects of life in

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Website SEO

How to Optimize Your Images to Facilitate SEO

SEO is essential for one huge, very important reason (as well as a host of other, slightly smaller ones): it can make your content findable. Findability, in turn, creates a world of difference to the success of any website or content. Google and other search engines have the goal of providing their users with the

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Unique Logo Design Is Crucial

As consumers we see so many logos each day some stick with us, some don’t. Your logo should be an instant reminder of your company or product. For Jones & Jones Advertising our logo design service represents the challenge of incorporating everything our clients’ company stands for into one single graphic. In a time where we have start-ups popping

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Website SEO

Can Blogging Help With SEO?

When was the last time you did a Google search for something? If the answer is “two minutes ago, when I typed ‘can blogging help with SEO’ into the search window,” then congratulations to both of us, because yes, it can. The short answer to the question (apart from “yes, it can”) is that, regardless

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Website Security

Coming Soon: Google Chrome “Not Secure” Warning

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS is only one letter, but this letter can have a dramatic impact on your site’s performance. Let’s learn about HTTPS and what it means to a small company. What Is HTTPS? HTTPS indicates information that you send between your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox…) and the web server

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