Product packaging is as critical as the product itself. Not only does your packaging need to be appealing to the eye, but your package design should also be practical in its function, and make the shopper prefer your product over the one right next to it. We help brand products stand out in a crowded market place.


  • Packaging
  • Package Design
  • Bottles
  • Boxes
  • Blister Packs
  • Labels
  • Bags

The packaging for Biozone had to reflect a healthy family home environment along with high-tech feel. This packaging was bone specifically for the Sharper Image stores.

box packaging design biozone

The “Boom Box” is designed to grab and go to a party shot size bottles fit in the supplied tray for easy serving. Both boxes and blister pack are used together in this design.

Blister Pack design

This is a simple holiday gift box packaging with two never tip glasses. Made with cardboard and clear plastic for the UK market.

box design for Dooleys

Caribsea asked us to design this back for marine aquarium sand with water in it. The packaging contains a great deal of technical data on the front for the advanced hobbyist.

package design for Caribsea

Another Caribsea product this time its a jar designed to grab the attention of a dog lover.

K9 Calcium label design

This packaging is a blister pack it contains a hat and booklet. It’s designed to hang on a wall and was marketed in chiropractors offices across the country.

Blister Pack Package Design for Level Headed


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