SEO Services

Our monthly search engine optimization program uses a modular approach to help your business move up in the search results!

We Employ Multiple Tracks to Optimize Your Website

The monthly SEO Program takes a personalized approach to your website and helps you choose the best track (or tracks!) for your online success.

On-Page Track

For companies with an existing site, on-page SEO is generally the first thing to tackle this will ensure that what you already have is appropriately optimized.

Content Track

We will create custom content for your website to target the most profitable keywords being used by your ideal customers on search engines including Google.

Link Building Track

We help your website gain authority by building links to your website from a network of highly trusted sources that will pass their valuable authority onto your website.

How The SEO Tracks Work

You won’t be left wondering if your SEO is “working”— Each month, we’ll send a detailed report of your progress.

Onboarding and Discovery

The first month of your subscription, we take an in-depth look at your existing website and perform a detailed SEO, security, and, maintenance audit, we make all necessary adjustments to ensure your site is ready for success.

Pick Your Track(s)

After the onboarding is done, we’ll meet with you to discuss which track(s) are appropriate for your needs and develop a complete program to begin our work. You can select one, two, or all three tracks.

Quarterly Modifications

Every three months we will arrange a meeting to discuss the results of your SEO campaign; at this time we can switch tracks or continue building upon the work we’ve already accomplished.

How Much Does The SEO Program Cost?

Our modular pricing allows you to easily combine tracks and save money and in return get more from your investment.

Single Track


Choose any single track, with the option to change tracks after three months

Two Tracks


Choose any two tracks, with the option to change tracks after three months.

Three Tracks


Take advantage of our entire SEO program with no need to change tracks.

Your first month of onboarding and discovery for any track(s) is only $350!

All The Details About The SEO Tracks

Thanks for your interest in the SEO Program!

Search engine optimization isn’t just one thing— it comes in many forms. What one site needs, another might not (or not to the same extent).

What’s special about our program is that we have grouped together multiple SEO strategies into three clearly defined categories (we call them “Tracks”): 

  • On-Page SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Link Building

Each Track is a combination of strategies and techniques that fit perfectly together to improve your site’s on-line rankings.

On-Page SEO Track
On-page SEO is great for companies just starting out with SEO, or who aren’t sure if their site is really optimized. We recommend that most people start here (at least for their first quarter). 

With this Track, we take a detailed look at the existing site structure, meta-data, and content of your site; this allows us to optimize what you already have, so it’s ready for search engines. 

Sometimes this is lots of small adjustments that can make a big difference, and other times it can be a major overhaul of how things are structured. 

Content Creation Track
Content Creation is perfect for websites that are “thin” on content— meaning there isn’t enough to rank on search engines successfully.

While just about any content is better than none at all, optimized content will bring the highest results for your business. 

The Content Track will identify the phrases and keywords that are searched by your target audience. We calculate the search volume as well as how difficult those search phrases are to rank for. With this information, we then develop specific content that is optimized to rank for those phrases.

Every month we create up to 2,500 words of content— which could be one long-form blog post or page or several smaller ones. This is decided on a case-by-case basis on what makes the most sense for your particular audience. 

Link Building Track
Our Link Building Track is unlike the other two Tracks because we don’t do any work on your site. Instead, our efforts are to get others to link to your website.

All search engines, including Google, assign levels of “authority” to each website. Wedsites like Wikipedia (that is very popular, has many visitors, and is well-known) has a super high level of authority. In contrast, a brand that is new and has a small website will have little authority with search engines.

A greater authority level will result in search engines placing your website higher in the rankings. 

One way to increase your authority on the web is to have websites with more authority link to yours. When this happens, some of their authority is passed along to you (it’s like getting a referral from a trusted advisor instead of a stranger). 

Onboarding and Discovery
The first month of each track is the same: Onboarding and Discovery, starting at $500 no matter which track (or tracks) you choose.

On the first month, we analyze EVERYTHING on your site: the content, current SEO performance, website security, maintenance, and more. This needs to be done at the beginning because many of the decisions made along the way, and our need to benchmark our success are based on this initial discovery. 

You only need to do this once.

A single Track is $500/mo, but we offer the option to run multiple Tracks simultaneously, and we offer a discount for each additional track (two tracks is $850/mo, three tracks are $1,200).  

Your subscription is month-to-month, so you are not obligated to a long-term contract. The only requirement is that you stay on a chosen Track(s) for at least three months. This is not because we want to lock you in; it’s because going back and forth makes it challenging to analyze each track’s results, and the campaigns will suffer.

Every month you’ll receive a report detailing not only the work we’ve done, but you’ll also be updated on the progress of your search engine rankings. We’ll track their movement daily, and you’ll be able to see precisely how effective your campaign is— no guessing. 

I hope I was able to answer your questions about our SEO Program— but you may have some more.