Why You Should Go To WordCamp

Have you heard of WordCamp? If you work with the WordPress platform, you probably have. But even if you’ve heard the term batted around, you may not know what it actually entails.

So what is a WordCamp? Who is WordCamp for, and what should you expect when attending? 

Most importantly, what are the benefits of attending a WordCamp?

What Is A WordCamp?
In basic terms, a WordCamp is a conference about the WordPress publishing platform. It’s organized by the community of WordCamp users, and is in fact paid for by WordPress communities local to each WordCamp, who also attend the event. These events are formed following WordPress principles and guidelines set in place by WordCamp.org. 

The events are centered on information, updates, highlights, and successes within the WordPress platform and community, which makes these occasions vital ways for WP users to keep up with the base.

What Should You Expect From A WordCamp?
WordCamp ClassroomWordCamp presentations are centered on the use and development of the platform. While these are not large, expensive, extensive conferences, as found in some areas, you still can expect the information presented to be useful and valuable to you as a WP user. You may even see some big-name keynote speakers. After all, cities with a larger population are likely to have a large contingent of WordPress users, which means that these events may see an attendance of more than 700.

In addition to updates and new highlights, WordCamp presentations also cover current issues regarding business, social media, and blogging, as they relate to WordPress. Attendees may also discover new aspects and new uses for the platform, learning from the unique ways that others are using the software. 

The History Of WordCamp
August 5, 2006, saw the beginning of the WordCamp evolution with the very first event, held in San Francisco. That first WordCamp had a signup of just over 500 people. Since that small beginning, hundreds of WordCamps have been organized in major cities across the globe. In fact, there has been a WordCamp held on every continent — except Antarctica, but that’s only a matter of time.

Who Should Attend WordCamp?
WordCamp is for anyone and everyone who uses WordPress or is interested in doing so. The skill level or experience does not matter; all that’s required is the interest.

WordCamps are definitely recommended for those who are active users of WordPress, however. Any professionals or creators who work with the platform — whether they are authors, bloggers, designers, developers, SEOs, nonprofits, photographers, realtors, consultants, marketers, entrepreneurs, or some mix of all of the above — should definitely seek out their closest WordCamp and make plans to attend.

WordCamp happiness barWhat Are The Benefits Of Attending A WordCamp?
In addition to the keynote speakers and new information presented at these events, there’s the added benefit of associating with others who also use the platform, and the chance to learn from their experiences and experiments. Each year sees new ways to use this software, and there may well be something at your local WordCamp which opens your eyes to opportunities you’d never thought of before.

Primarily, WordCamps are a way to learn about WordPress. But they’re also a great way to build the WP community and help WP users to make connections and network with other users, regardless of whether they are WP diehards or newbies. There is often an after-party for the event to facilitate networking, helping WordPress users to meet other like-minded individuals.

Jones & Jones Advertising is a proud sponsor of the now cancled 2020 Jacksonville WordCamp. We look forward to lots of great WordCamps after we get past the “pandemic”.

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